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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tracks in the Snow

We had a fabulous day today having an unexpected snow day.  I live in Pelham, Alabama.  We don't see much snow.  Yesterday started out as a typical Tuesday morning.  I got ready and headed to work at my usual time and saw a few snow flakes falling on my way in at 9:30 a.m.  By the time I drove the 7 miles to work the snow was falling like crazy and I could see it blowing across the streets.  An hour later the parking lot was completely white.  An hour later when my co-worker arrived, I was basically snowed in at work.  I had a couple of options, I could close the store and go home, or stay put a few hours and let some of the people get home and off the road.  I kept watching the news on a computer and could see traffic outside of the mall where I work and could see that it was a gridlock of traffic outside.  I waited it out until 5:00 p.m.  I left the Riverchase Galleria to drive the 7 miles home, planning to pick up a stranded co-worker on my way home at 5.  My friend was just 3 miles away and it took me 4 1/2 hours to get to her.  It was horrible driving on a thick sheet of ice.  I drive a Honda Fit with a manual as well as an automatic transmission.  I put my car in the lowest gear and drove in bumper to bumper traffic going around 5 mph.  There were cars stopped and abandoned all along the shoulder of the road and some even in the middle of the street  where they ran out of gas.  It looked like a war zone.  Our city is not equipped for this weather.  It was not predicted at all.  It took our city by total surprise.  I finally got home last night around 10:30 safe and sound with my friend in tow.  We were safe and warm and home.  I checked around on my other co-workers and many were not as lucky.  Two were stuck downtown and didn't make it home.  One slept in her car in  local Wal-mart parking lot.  Two made it to a friend's house.  One stayed in our store in the mall.  But, everyone was safe.  We all got home today and I had a fun day with my family.

We put on our warm gear and took a tour of our neighborhood.  It was like skating part of the time but was beautiful around our neighborhood.

We carefully walked out of the house and on to the circle where I live.
We made our way to a lake in our subdivision.  This is my daughter and MOMD slipping and sliding across the street.
Arriving at the lake it was a beautiful sight.  We walked on around the lake and walked the trail that surrounds our subdivision.  

As we walked along the trail we saw many animal tracks.  

We think these were coyote and deer tracks.

These were bunny tracks.
We saw tons of bird tracks and some raccoon and opossum tracks.

MOMD and I made our own tracks along the trail.  I live in a beautiful area along a bubbling brook.

My little angel made her own tracks making a snow angel in the yard.  We do not have a lot of snow and I had a great day today playing in the snow that we did get.  I am blessed that my family is all safe and home off the roads.  We have made the best of a bad situation.  I hope everyone that was stranded on the roads over night last night got home safely today.  Can't wait to see what the day holds tomorrow.  We have temps dropping to 12 degrees tonight and the roads are still frozen.  We will thaw out tomorrow hopefully by noon.  Be safe everyone!

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