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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Walking Among The Lillies

I took my dog, Emma, walking this morning.  I love to walk in the mornings along the trail that meanders beside a creek that surrounds my neighborhood.  The weather was absolutely beautiful today.  The birds were singing.  The creek was bubbling and Emma had many smells to smell along the way.  I am always in awe of God's gift of the beauty of the earth  but today was exceptional.  I saw robins and cardinals flying about.  There were squirrels scampering about looking for the acorns and nuts they hid over the winter.  We saw a couple of chipmunks  that were as interested in looking at us as we were watching them.  Emma wanted to play with them, or eat them, I'm not sure which.  Watching the chipmunks was where I saw the beautiful white Lillies blooming among the leaves and mess of the woods.  I have walked this trail for eight years now and I have never seen these Lillies before.  I felt like God gave me flowers today not because I deserved them but because He loved me anyway. Thank You, God!  I picked them and brought them home to let my family enjoy them too.  Now I am sharing them with you!

I hope this inspires you to get out and walk and see what gifts you get!

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