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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gone Fishin'

When the week-ends are pretty, MOMD (man of my dreams) and I like to walk down to the fishin' hole near our house and spend a few hours fishin' and laughin' and talkin'.  One Saturday afternoon the temperatures rose above freezing and we headed out.  Poles and "stuff" in hand.  We even took the dog!  Yikes!  

We have a walking trail that borders our neighborhood and we like to walk back there often.  The trail follows a creek and that is where we like to spend a few hours fishin'.  We have our favorite spots.  Spots where a tree has fallen giving me a place to sit and read or rocks we stand on and cast.  We usually hit them all trying to find a place the fish are bitin'.  This day the sky was so blue and the temperature was around 68.  It doesn't get any better that that!  We walk to our favorite hole and MOMD baits my hook.

The water is so clear and beautiful.  I was sure to catch a fish.  If I don't get a bite in about ten minutes I have backup.  I always bring a snack and a book!  I tied the dog to a post and went to fishin'.

Emma was watching and hoping I would catch something she could play with.  I didn't.  I tried for at least half an hour.  No luck!  I got out a snack and a book and settled in to watch MOMD fish.

I am sitting on a fallen log, leaning on a tree for support and in heaven listening to the sound of the water gurgling by.  MOMD is catching really small fish and enjoying every minute of it.  We walk down to another fishin' hole to see what's bitin' there.  I don't get a bite so I lay down on some rocks to check out the sky.  It is an amazing color blue.  

I am lazing around watching the clouds roll by and thinking about how wonderful my life is and thanking God that He made such a beautiful day just for me to enjoy when a flock of birds came and filled the trees above me.  They were all talking at once and I was desperately wondering what the fuss was about. Were they fussing at us for being in the area?  Were they just chatting with each other about the beauty of the day?  I kept laying on the ground watching and wondering.  

Emma was watching too, but I think she was hoping one of them would come and play with her.  Or was she wondering what one of them tastes like?  

I'm not certain.  Either way, we packed up and walked home.  Life doesn't get any better than this!!!!!
What a perfect day!

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