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Friday, June 24, 2011

New Clothes!!!

Why is it when you are extremely happy fat always follows? I am coming up on a year with MOMD and in that year I have gained 40lbs. (I have also never been happier.) I am going to a family reunion with MOMD's family and I have discovered that I can't get into any of my summer clothes from last year. I went shopping and I couldn't find clothes to fit that were cute and affordable. I don't like the size I am but I can deal with that I just don't want to look like a "fat old lady". (I may be one but I don't have to look like it!!!!)

When I was in high school and college I made most of my own clothes. I didn't like to look like everyone else and I couldn't afford what I really wanted wear so I made my own. I learned to sew when I was 8 years old and I got fairly good at it over the years so my clothes didn't look "homemade". I decided to try once again to sew or embellish my own clothes.

I found some really comfortable t-shirts for less than 5 bucks each so I bought several in different colors. I saw some examples and tutorials on the internet for some really cute tops so I sat down at my sewing machine to try my hand.

I started with two light blue v-neck t-shirts.

I wanted a more rounded hem so I cut the bottom in a semi-circle.

I used the hem on both t-shirts since I needed some pieces that were 1" wide. These were the right size. I cut them each into two pieces so I would have four strips.

I cut 4-2 1/2" strips from the t-shirt I was not going to embellish.

I stitched a seam down the center of the 1" strips. I used the fold of the hem as a guide for the center. I pulled the bottom thread to ruffle all four strips.

Then, I cut open the 2 1/2" strips to stitch together to make two long circles for the ruffles on the hem. I pulled the bottom thread to ruffle them and pinned them to the t-shirt. I stitched the bottom ruffle to the shirt first and then the top ruffle just above it following the semi-circle shape I had cut previously. After finishing the ruffled hem I pinned the four ruffled strips in a "paisley" shape at the shoulder and hip of the t-shirt and stitched them in place.

The finished shirt is both flattering and comfortable. I am a little thicker around the middle and the embellishments add a distraction to the negative while complimenting the positive. I loved the finished shirt. I can't wait to wear it on my trip. It only took an hour to do this and it cost less than $12.00 to make. I may even come back and add some beads or "sparkle" to it. I haven't decided yet. I will take a pic of it if I do.

I enjoyed making it so much that I found a plain white tee with a scoop neck and added some quick flowers to embellish the neck and added a few tucks to the sides. I added 15 flowers that I made around the neck. The flowers were made from some pieces of sheet, sheer curtains and tulle. I hand stitched the flowers onto the shirt and hand stitched the tucks on the sides. That took less than 1/2 hour to do and it only cost $3.00! I can't wait to wear my new shirts!

I hope this inspires you to do something like it for yourself. If you do send me a photo. I would love to see what creative things you came up with. I have a few more tees to work on. I will post the photos of them when I get to them. I apologize for the poor quality photos. I had the wrong setting on my camera when I took the pics. It was a last minute thought to take photos. I got caught up in the creativity and forgot to take photos along the way.

Leave a comment or suggestion for the other shirts. I would love hearing from you. Have an inspired day!

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