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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meet Morris the Turtle

 I was out checking my garden and picking some radishes when I found this little tiny turtle.  I couldn't believe how small he was.  Never able to resist a good looking turtle I picked him up and took him inside.  He is a hatchling painted box turtle.  I have had several turtle in my lifetime starting around age 7.  I am a huge Elvis fan so of course my turtles have all been named Elvis.  I put Elvis in a glass bowl with some water, rocks and radish leaves and watched him most of the evening.  I have a friend who has an adorable little girl named Macy.  I called to see if Macy would like a pet turtle.  Her mom said cool and they came and got him the next day.  I told them that his name is Elvis in honor of my adoration of the icon.  Macy is almost three and (gasp) has never heard of Elvis.  She kept calling him "Melvis".  She was so excited about her turtle that she couldn't wait to show him to her daddy.

Well, "Melvis" went home with Macy and she played with him in the backyard.  Somehow his name got altered again.  By the time her daddy got home to play with her "Melvis" had turned into "Morris" and that is his name today!

Morris is a beautiful little guy and Macy and her daddy are having a fun time playing and feeding and taking care of him.  Macy says that "she just LOVES her turtle!"  Morris has a nice new home with lots of love and fun.  What more could a turtle ask for except maybe a cricket or two for dinner.  What a life!

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