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Monday, May 2, 2011

My Garden is Growing!!!

My garden is all planted. I am so amazed at how much it has grown. MOMD and I planted the last of the garden last week. I have already harvested one round of radishes. The yield was over five lbs. They were the best tasting radishes ever! We have re-planted radishes along with carrots, bell pepper, bush and pole beans, cantaloupe, cucumber, asparagus, squash and zucchini.

The tomatoes and peppers we planted earlier are growing like crazy. I can hardly wait to eat them. I love fresh vegetables especially ones I have tended to and watched grow.

We found out right before Easter that we have a bunny who loves our vegetables too! MOMD took care of that with a rabbit fence around the garden. So far it has worked beautifully. I have room for only two more cantaloupe plants that I hope to get in the ground this week. MOMD goes out almost every day to check on the "babies". I think this is his first garden and he is enjoying watching things pop through the ground. He especially likes the radishes. We have them with almost every meal!!! It is so fun to pick things!!! I can hardly wait to see the garden fill in with new growth.

Our compost pile is working too! We need to add another bin to move the compost around to give it room to work. I can't wait for it to make soil for the garden for next year. We got several tubs of fat, juicy earthworms to help with the garden. It is so exciting to turn the soil over and find the earthworms have made babies! The soil in the garden is a work-in-progress. MOMD tilled it up and we amended it with garden soil and fertilizer and our trusty worms hoping to improve it. The soil in the raised bed was brought in because the soil here is like concrete. We wanted to try to amend the soil in the new garden and add compost as needed. It will be a couple of years before it will be at its optimum best. It is fun to learn and experiment. I would like to double the garden in a couple of years. I like providing food for my family. I will be preserving and canning this year. It has been a few years since I have done that. I will be posting updated photos of the garden as it grows. If anyone has a garden and wants to share photos with me I would love to see your garden and hear what you planted.

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