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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beauty in the Midst of Tragedy

If you have been watching the news lately you will have seen the tragic devastation all around here in Alabama. It has been heartbreaking to watch. It has also been encouraging. It is great to see neighbor helping neighbor. Stranger helping stranger. I get so frustrated with the selfishness in the world. Everyone looking out for themselves with no seeming regard for anyone else. But that has not been the case this past week. I have seen so much devastation yet so much faith being expressed. I have seen young people getting involved in volunteering their time off to go and help someone they don't even know. I have felt guilty that my life and my family were spared this tragedy yet knowing others who have lost everything including family members. My daughter-in-law (aka the tough chick) went with some of her friends to volunteer to help on their one day off. They called their friends and family for clothing, blankets and food. They gave their time to just go and do what was needed.

MOMD and his son went to help friends who lost homes and family. I am amazed at the stories of survival and faith as people share what happened to them. It is encouraging to me that people are giving God the praise for saving them and that they have the attitude that they will just start over.

In the midst of all of that tragedy, I have noticed the beauty of Spring. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, new life is springing forth from the "dead of winter". God gives us the example of new life every spring. He shows how He can take what appears dead and bring new life from it. It is an encouragement to know that we don't have to face our "storms" alone. God is there, sending strangers and friends to help, and comforting as only He can comfort. If you feel discourage in the circumstances of the "storms" in your life, I hope you will be inspired to seek God and His love and comfort. I have had many "storms" in my life. I have had much and lost almost everything but God never left me. I want to remind you of the beauty of life that blooms year after year, season after season.

I wish that you could smell the incredible fragrance coming from these beautiful flowers. Be inspired to face the "storms" of your life with beauty and grace. Spring will come!

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