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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Giving My Heart Away!

I bet you thought I was talking about MOMD!!!! I gave my heart away to him a long time ago! No, I am talking about a heart necklace I made. May 7th I went to my second Craft fair in Helena. It is called the Helena Wild West Trade Days. If you live locally you should plan to be at the next one, Saturday, June 4th from 8-3. There will also be a farmer's market too. Anyway, I met a really sweet lady who is trying to adopt a Korean baby. She is still in the preparation stages and raising money. Her name is Melanie Huguley. She came by my booth at the Trade Days and bought a couple of pieces of jewelry to auction off to raise money. She asked if I would consider donating a piece to add to it. She suggested this heart necklace.

I made it for my Etsy shop but hadn't listed it yet. I made a second one to list and I sent her the one pictured. If any of you have adopted a child you know the pressure and expenses can be overwhelming. People are judging whether or not you would make a suitable parent, seeing all of your good and bad issues. Poking around in every aspect of your life. It is grueling. Anyway, I wanted to help out in their pursuit. You can check out their blog and make a donation or see what needs they have or even send them advice if you had the same experience. I'm sure they would covet your prayers as well. They are choosing to adopt a special needs child and will need lots of prayers throughout the long process. They have a blog with all the updated information. You can find it at

If you would like a necklace like the one I am sending them, it will be listed in my Etsy shop by the end of the day. Be sure to check out all the new stuff!!!

Here's wishing you an INSPIRED Day!!!!

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