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Monday, September 5, 2011


Life if so full of changes. Sometimes I would like for things to remain the same, at least for a little while, but they don't stay the same, they are constantly changing. The weather is changing and I do enjoy that! But there are some changes that I just don't like. My life keeps changing. I have had many changes over the years that were exciting and fun and changes that were painful and sad. One change that has happened lately is with my son, the Handyman. He is twenty four years old and an outstanding young man. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, the Tough Chick, for three years. I was really hoping for some grandchildren to come along soon. But, my son was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. It started with a random pain in his lower back, like maybe he had a kidney stone. He was in a good bit of pain and luckily went to the doctor. He is not one to go to the doctor regularly unless he has a problem that just won't go away. Tough Chick got him to go and have it checked to see if he indeed had a kidney stone. They did an ultrasound and saw "something". NOT a kidney stone. He went from doctor to doctor having xrays that whole day. They sent him for a biopsy to see what the "something" was. We were all waiting for the doctor to come in and tell us what he found and he came in and just said it... CANCER. I almost had to shake my head because I was sure that wasn't what he just said. But it was. He was certain it was cancer but uncertain as to the type of cancer he had. I was blissfully unaware that there were different "types" of cancer. I have since learned a whole lot about it. It is always best to know everything you can about an enemy. I was shocked that it was something my "baby" would have to face. It is amazing how, when faced with a trauma, a grown man can quickly turn back to a three year old in your mind. Tough Chick fell apart and luckily her dad was with her and he was able to help her. Handyman was stilled drugged from the procedure so he was oblivious to what the doctor was saying. I was hanging onto every syllable coming from the doctor's mouth. I wanted to know what I was going to be dealing with. The surgeon was blunt but honest. He gave me information, and in his own concern and query about this particular cancer and where it was located he gave me clues. (It was in an unusual spot, the middle of the abdomen. It didn't look like pancreatic cancer, it looked like testicular cancer, but we won't know without further testing.... wait on the results of the biopsy, he said.) I just wanted it out of him and my son back to normal. Where this tumor was located apparently isn't a place cancer usually starts. So we had to find the original source. Dr. V called a cancer surgeon to see if he could see us immediately and the next day we started our journey down a path I never wanted to be on. In a span of two weeks we had been to several doctors, Handyman had taken a leave of absence from his job. He was viewed inside and out from head to toe. A battle plan was formed and the fight has begun. We have been on an emotional roller coaster, and I hate roller coasters, for the past three weeks. Many changes have taken place. We have had a few attitude adjustments and now we have our game face on and are fiercely fighting the enemy, CANCER! Handyman started an aggressive round of chemo. It was five days, all day, of chemo. It was tough on him but he faced it bravely and is through with round one. DING DING DING!!!! We will have two more rounds before we evaluate again. He has two weeks off to recover his strength and gear up for round two. I am so very proud of how he has faced this problem. I,on the other hand, am waiting to fall apart, but AFTER the enemy has been defeated. We have had so many people encouraging us and praying for him. I know that God will heal his body. I also know that we all have lessons to learn from this. I hope that we learn to never take one single day for granted. That we appreciate the small things and love our families and friends unconditionally. If you have read any of my older posts you will have read about the pennies. That seems to be the way God reminds me that He is still right beside me and is taking care of me even when I don't realize it. The day that Handyman, Tough Chick and I were seeing the surgeon, to find out what we were about to face, we stopped for lunch on the way. I found a penny on the floor of the restaurant and smiled. I knew before we ever talked to the doctor that everything was going to be okay because God had just reminded me that He will go before me. All my life when there have been mountains that were in my way, God would go before me and remove them so that I didn't have to climb them. Most of the mountains were "me made". I felt peace and calmness before going in to see the doctor. I knew that whatever he told us we wouldn't be facing it alone or unarmed. I put that penny, that I call "a blessing", in my pocket to remind me to let God be in control. I have it sitting above my dressing table in my bedroom so that I can see it every day and be reminded. I made a necklace from the penny I found when my daughter was in a car accident. I don't know what I am going to do with this penny when the enemy is defeated. For now it sits and waits, like me, for the enemy to be obliterated. I know that everyone has enemies to face and mountains looming ahead, but I hope that you face them with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords at your side. When He leads the battle, the defeat of the enemy is eminent. He has the ability to move the mountains. That is not to say that we won't face difficulty or have pain or sadness but we won't have to handle it alone. Nor do we have to use our own weapons. We have pea shooters compared to weapons of mass destruction that God can provide to annihilate the enemy, whoever or whatever it is. We just have to depend on Him and His strength. If you let Him, He will speak to you in a way only you can hear, because you are the most precious thing to Him. He won't let you face things alone as long as you call on Him. Be encouraged to put on the Armor of God daily because the enemy is always creeping around. Be prepared by reading His word and praying. He will be there for you, just as He is there for me and my family right now. Don't delay, call on Him today!
Be inspired to Have a great Labor Day!!!!

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