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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall and Football

As it turns out, MOMD is an Alabama football fan. He is a transplant from Ohio to Alabama. His son is a student there so we were invited to tailgate with his son and friends before and after the game. It is my first Alabama game though I have lived here all my life. I enjoyed the company and the game. The weather was nice, 82 degrees, with a slight breeze. Our tickets were given to us by an acquaintance of MOMD. They were great seats, around the 50 yard line, and most importantly, we were in the shade the entire game. I took a few photos to remember the game. MOMD enjoyed the college life for a few hours, hanging out with the kids. You don't realize that college is the best time of your life until it's too late and you are in the middle of a job you don't like and bills that are always due and there are demands on you that you don't want to meet. You try to tell the kids that but they just don't see it. They think life is so hard with all the study and tests but it isn't, it's the best time!
The Million Dollar Band took the field before the game. The cheerleaders got the large crowd all excited about the game.
The teams warm up and the excitement builds.
Here is the first play of the game. . . .
here is the final score. I was glad the team won for my first game. It made the rest of the evening a lot of fun. Of course the highlight of the day were the Nachos Grande that were covered in jalapenos! I had a great time in Tuscaloosa and especially enjoyed spending it with MOMD!

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