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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feathering my Nest: Part 2 Kitchen Re-do Finally Finished! Whew!

I am finally finished with the re-organization of the cabinets in the kitchen.  I have posted sticky notes on the doors of the cabinets to remind me and anyone else where things are located.  I will probably leave the sticky notes up a couple of weeks until I am familiar with where everything is.  As you can tell I have a small kitchen but it its very efficient.  I love to cook and I like having everything at my fingertips.  I don't have to take more than a couple of steps to prepare most everything I cook.  My counters were always crowded with stuff that didn't belong in the kitchen so that was the first thing I tackled when I got started.  As I went through the cabinets everything that didn't belong got placed in a box to either find it a new home or put it back in the place it belonged before it migrated to my kitchen.  I really only have myself to blame for the stuff or junk being left in the kitchen because there is no one else around I can blame it on.  MOMD (man of my dreams) is very neat and if he moves anything he puts it back!  I want to be more like him when I grow up!  I like having things organized, I am just bad with neatness!  A creative mind thrives on chaos and there is always chaos around somewhere to inspire me;)  Back to the kitchen....  I eliminated a good bit of unnecessary utensils.  I evaluated what utensils I used regularly and kept them close at hand.  I can now open the drawer and quickly find just the right item that I need.
I had two mismatched pieces of furniture that didn't have a home and I needed the extra storage space so they ended up in my kitchen.  The room itself is rather large but there are only a few cabinets to store items.  I love to cook so there are lots of extra pots and pans and gadgets that I (infrequently) use.  I also borrowed my daughter's ("boom boom Pow!) stereo system.  She has flown the coop to Hawaii so while it was abandoned for a while I am putting it to good use by soothing the savage beast within with  my jazz music. ( I should have been born in the forties!  I would have fit right in. )  These two rather random pieces add character to the room and provide some great added storage.  
 One last area that I worked on was the cabinet around the refrigerator.  I cleared off the counter and move my glassware to the cabinet there.  It seemed an obvious place since it was near the refrigerator.  

It is so pleasant to work in here now with everything in its new home.  I have more work to do in here but for now I am happy!  I have a big open space in the center of the room that is just begging for an Island! (hint hint)  That may be my next kitchen project!  For now I will enjoy my newly re-organized space and cook up a storm.  I will keep you posted on the pursuit of the island!  It is so nice to feel like I have something brand new and I didn't spend any money on it!  That makes it the best project ever!  It is almost as thrilling as going to the thrift store and finding a designer dress for $1.98 and it fitting perfectly!  Well..... almost.

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